Am I overthinking?

So another post about Charlie and Eric. You all know my take on these two.

Last night I was cooking dinner and Charlie said: “Do we have any plans on Thursday?”.
I said: “No”
He said: “Eric wants to go out drinking”
I Said: “The two of you or the three of us?”
He shrugged his shoulders.
And then texted a bit more

A few hours later, I asked him: “So the three of us or the two of you?”
He said: “I haven’t checked to see if Eric replied”.
He was holding his phone. Why not check right there?

To me. This means they’ve already planned the night out. Excluding myself and Charlie just doesn’t want to tell me that.

I texted Charlie at 8:10am this morning: “Let me know what your plan is for tomorrow. If Iā€™m not invited then I want time to find something to do”.

It’s now 12:12 and no reply yet. I’m sure he will reply later and just say “Sorry, was so busy at work” and then he will say something like “Eric wants it to be just the two of us”. (speculation)

Of course ERIC wants it to be just the two of you, He hates me. He doesn’t speak to me, nor does he speak to Charlie in front of me.

This is really frustrating to me. If you don’t want me to go, just say so. Why would it have been so difficult last night at dinner to just say “Eric wants to hang out just the two of us”. I would have been annoyed but would have just said “Ok” and I would have found something ELSE to do.

I think there’s two things wrong here. 1) Charlie doesn’t want the confrontation of telling me him and Eric are going to hang out and 2) Charlie doesn’t want ME to go do other things without him. So in my mind, this is hypocritical.

Again, all speculation and this is where I get into the. Am I over thinking things? The last time this happened where him and Eric went out without me. It was all “yes you’re invited” and then suddenly the day they were going to hang out, “oh sorry, it won’t work you can’t come”. And when I brought it up that it would have been nice to know so that I could plan something with MY friends, his reply was “why is it so bad for you to just say home alone”.

Well whey should _I_ stay home alone when you’re out with your “best friend”/”Ex boyfriend”.

I wish this guy would just fucking disappear. It would make our relationship so much better.

I’ve also mentally convinced myself that they are going to go see the new Dumbledore movie together. Mostly because I’ve suggested we go see it TWICE in the last 5 days and Charlie has just ignored my suggestions. To me, this means that Eric has said something like “Let’s go see Dumbledore together” and Charlie said sure and now he doesn’t want to tell me that he’s already made plans with Eric to see it without me. Charlie went and saw Spiderman and batman movies without me (with Eric). Even though I had said I wanted to see them.

UPDATE:// He texted around 4pm and said: “I think he should just suck it up and we all go out”. So that’s good! šŸ™‚

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