I’m getting resentful

Things with Charlie have been tough lately. I’m just getting resentful AF and things keep piling up and we just keep arguing about shit. It’s little stuff that could be easily avoidable, but just pisses me off.

Like the other day, I bought him Girl Scout cookies, he comes home and sees them on his desk and the first thing he can say is “how come you didn’t buy them from the Girl Scouts I know”… no thanks for the cookies babe or anything like that. It’s been days and he still hasn’t said thanks.

This past Sunday, I had planned a nice evening with some hot springs, a massage, etc to just relax. I reminded him about it twice. Once verbally and once via text. In the text, I listed three days and said “Make sure you have these evenings off”. Well he pops it on me that he’s closing that sunday. I told him that I had planned something and he tried to turn it around on me and blame ME for not reminding him. No,”Sorry babe, I totally forgot” or anything like that.

The last two days, I’ve honestly just wanted to pack my shit and just go home. Monday he comes home from work all pissed off and basically treated me like shit. We got into a huge fight at the gym about that. He was like “well I told you I’m sorry if I act like a jerk”. WTF that’s not how it should be. Just because you have a shitty day at work doesn’t mean you come home and treat me like shit. He also told me he was resentful of the fact that I got to have an enjoyable day that day (I had gone on a bike ride, taken astra on a hike, etc).

The other thing is that he’s totally changed as far as texting, etc goes. He says he hasn’t but he has. IE today, I text him after he got to work and said “Have a good day babe”. No reply and it’s been hours. You can’t tell me he hasn’t looked at his phone once in hours. He barely texts me at all any more. He used to text me on his lunch breaks and we’d talk about stuff. Now nothing all day long.

Yesterday, he got home from school, I was at his place but out walking astra. He gets home and doesn’t text me that he’s home. I come back and he’s sleeping in bed, I give him a kiss on the cheek and he doesn’t kiss me back just rolls over. I get in bed and ask “So are you just going to nap” and he says “Give me a second”. Well a second turns into 1.5 hours of napping. So WTF am I supposed to do? Just sit here and wait for you? He finally wakes up and is like “ok, ready for the gym” and we go to t he gym and get into a fight while on the way there about him napping. I just find it rude AF that he can’t just tell me “I’d like to nap, can you give me 30 minutes” or whatever.

We’re going to Vegas next week and last night he was freaking out because he doesn’t have anything to wear. He pulled a bunch of shit out of his closet and he was like “can you drop this off at the dry cleaners”. Seriously? Am I just a fucking errand boy for him? Like I know he’s busy at work and school but what does he do for me? Also apparently it’s now my job to plan Vegas because he is just too busy (but remember, he could spend an hour and a half napping yesterday).

He could easily bring me something small to appease me. Tuesday morning, I got up to go walk astra. He has Tuesdays off because he goes to class in the morning. When I left to walk astra he was watching tiktoks. When I got back, he was STILL watching tiktoks. He could have got up for 5 minutes while I was gone and made us coffee or something nice.

I just feel like everything _I_ do and everything he does is just annoying each other lately.

Him and Eric have clearly been texting a lot lately. Every time he goes to unlock his phone there’s a new message from him. So, if you can text Eric that much you can text your fucking boyfriend. I can’t remember if I mentioned the whole coffee thing one his birthday, but apparently Eric dropped off coffeee to him on his birthday. Now I am constantly wondering how often Eric just “drops by” to bring him shit. Apparently Eric drives past Charlie’s work every day. Monday I came over an there was a new Demon Slayer stocking cap on the desk. Where did that come from? Did Eric drop it off at his work too?

I just feel like he hides shit like that from me. I feel like he just treats me as his maid/mother/errand boy rather then his boyfriend. He doesn’t do anything to make me happy lately, but he told me last night he “misses when I made him happy”. WTF. I am still doing tons of shit FOR YOU.

Is this really what I want? Yesterday was our three month’s… Neither one of us have used the “L” word yet… Is it moving that way or not? I am honestly not sure.

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