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Happy Birthday Danny P

Whoever you are!
Today is Danny’s Birthday, back in the year 2000 I was going to college at SDSU (South Dakota State University) in Madison, SD and trying to figure out who the fuck I was. I was chatting in these gay chat rooms online and met this guy Danny from PA. We chatted nearly every day and eventually moved to talking on the phone for hours and hours. I “loved” him, he “loved” me. I’m pretty sure he was a catfish. He only ever sent me three pictures ( 01, 02, 03). We talked about going to college together at PA State. I applied cause I wanted to get the fuck out of SD and to be with him. I got accepted. But I never went… I still wonder sometime, who was this guy, where is he now? What would have happened if I HAD gone to PA State? Pasta also went to Pa state at the same time. Would we have met back in college?

Other things are OK, still single AF, still working my job from home. I’m fully vaccinated now which is great.

I have a lot of other stuff to write about but just no energy now to do it though. Also WordPress is F#$*ed up.

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