My Life

I’m just a broken record.

Just the same thing keeps happening over and over again. Meet guy, think it’s going great, get ghosted. Everyone keeps telling me that it’s not a problem with me, but it clearly must be. I wish someone would just tell me what happens. Like can I go back to Vu and ask him, WTF? Can I go back to all the other boys and just do a questionnaire and ask wtf happened.
I’ve been hanging out with this guy Suresh for a month or two now. He would come over a couple times a week and hang out, have dinner, spend the night, cuddle, make out. I thought things were going well (again and again). Then I go camping for a weekend with Derik, I come home and he’s completely changed. Ignoring my texts, “forgetting” to reply. Like WTF.
I am just so over this. I do everything alone. I have no one here. Why even bother to keep trying anything any more. If I don’t REACH out to people, no one ever reaches out to me to do anything. For instance, REX was up in Napa a few weeks ago. Drove right through Vallejo, and not even a PEEP. I just hate this shit.

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