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I just see my dreams fading away

I dunno maybe it’s been the heat, maybe COVID is REALLy starting to get to me but I just see my dreams fading away. This whole SIP thing is BS at this point. One of my big goals for this year was to learn how to sail. EVERY sailing school in the bay area is closed. But yet I see friends in Portland going out and learning how to sail. I search other areas of the country and they are open for sailing lessons. WTF why can’t we do sailing lessons in the bay? It’s not like WE have COVID under control here either so at this point, who fucking cares.

Every day I see people getting into relationships, going on trips, going out wine tasting and yet here I sit in my home alone with just my dog. I just don’t understand at all.

And then to top it all of, I found out that the company I am working for is going to be sold and I’ll (most likely) be laid off yet again sometime in the future. They are apparently still searching for a buyer at this point.

I’m just so frustrated and over this whole situation. I work so hard to get ahead in life to try and do a good job and yet I can’t seem to make it anywhere.

I just want a BF, I want a husband, I want a cute life. I want us to go places together.

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