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Let’s drag up something from 20 years ago…

Wow, this morning I received a shocking message via instagram. Someone I dated nearly TWENTY YEARS AGO messaged me and said that I need to apologize for the way that I treated him while we were dating. Specifically one instance where he said I was overly aggressive towards him and ever since then any time someone has yelled at him he breaks down crying.

Seriously, wtf. The incident happened during a fight in which he was ALSO being aggressive. Get over yourself. If you’re letting one fucking thing like that ruin or impact your life for 20 years, it’s not my fault. Learn and move on from it. I WILL ADMIT that my behavior at the time was not right and I have learned from it. That’s what everyone does. We were both young and dumb back then and we grow and change. That’s how life happens.

If he really wants to bring that shit up, then let’s talk about how I upended my life for him, moving half way across the country only for him to dump me LITERALLY DAYS LATER. How about how that has impacted me? But whatever, we make mistakes and move on.

IN OTHER NEWS. Not a lot going on. I’ve been focusing hard AF on paying down all my debts. Paid nearly $45,000 in the past two months and should be debt free by the end of March. Not including my houses, of course.

I’ve still been hanging out with Derik a lot and we’ve been going to OTF nearly every day. I’m down 8lbs so far this month, I need to really start getting to the gym gym and doing weights more so I can grow my pecs.

And that’s really all I have to say. I’m out.

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