My Life


Man this has been such a meessssss. Markets are crashing, everyone is working from home. I’ve lost $93,000 in the past two weeks alone on the markets.

Trump and the GOP is of course not handling this. I cannot believe that he went out tried to buy the vaccine from Germany. This guy is a mess and I cannot believe anyone supports him or ANYONE in the GOP at this point. I read these forums that are pretty conservative and the shit these idiots spew is just mind boggling.

My parents were supposed to go on a cruise this week and my mom is actually MAD that they cancelled it. WTF.

In other news, my dating life suck. I’ve been on three dates in the past week and all of them have sucked. The first guy was super AWK, second guy was super fem and drank four glasses of wine in one quick lunch meeting the third guy was nice but WAY too aggressive for me.

Anyway.. Lots to say but don’t really feel like it. Same old shit. Can’t move on from past stuff…

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