Starting to see progress…. NOT!

I started to see progress… I went from 212 -> 208 in one week… And then the weekend came around and I shot up to 217 over the weekend!!! I don’t get how that happens. I worked my ASS off all day Saturday, rested all day Sunday. I Didn’t eat super healthy but I also didn’t go all out crazy. Fucking weight. 🙁

Speaking of Saturday. I FINALLY installed Sod at my house. That was exciting. My yard is finally coming around to looking nice. The old grumpy Japanese lady across the street even complimented it!

Not too much else has been going on. I’ve been hanging out with this guy Derik but I honestly have no clue what is happening with him there. We “kiss” but we haven’t had sex yet. He comes over every day at 5pm, we make dinner, we cuddle on the couch, we go to the gym.

Two weekends ago we went camping in Yosemite together. Nothing happened there. Yosemite itself was of course amazing and it was nice to not have crazy crowds there. I love that place just wish it weren’t so hard to get into.

There’s been this guy at OTF that is like the PERFECT man physically. He’s got this super cute face, muscular but beefy body, cute hair… OMG. He’s so hot. The weird thing is, he of COURSE reminds me of Calvin… Why can I NOT stop thinking about him. It’s been years and I still think about him nearly every day.

I am very upset with the political climate right now. Fuck the GOP for not voting to remove Trump. WTF is going on with Bernie supporters, they are JUST AS BAD as Trump supporters. How is Pete shooting up in the votes so much? White privilege?? I’m upset that Warren is not doing better.

There’s a blueberry farm for sale in BORING, OR. It’s perfect. It’s close to Portland, it’s something I know already, it’s “ONLY” $14m. I wish I could make that leap. I wish I had the balls to jump and do it. I’m sure I could get funding for it. I’m just scared to do it.

I got my review at work too. Kinda frustrating by that to be honest.

Got my first rental of 2020. That is exciting but I am frustrated that my Torino and the trailers haven’t sold yet! I REALLY need to sell this fucking Torino.

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