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New year. Fatter Me!

I honestly do not get it… I’ve been going to Orange Theory for months now. I go min 3 times a week, mostly 4. I burn 800-1000 calories per day. I walk my dog 2-3 miles per day, my watch says I burn another 200-300 calories there.. I don’t really pig out a lot. I eat yogurt for breakfast, I eat a normal lunch, I cook myself dinner. I eat sweets but not a lot. Yet I cannot fucking lose weight. I have been tracking my weight for the past year. I went from 212lbs to…….. 212lbs.

All this work and NOTHING to show for it. Seriously. Everyone says it’s all about diet, but it’s not like I’m going to fucking fast food every day. It’s not like I’m eating out at horrible places every day, it’s not like I’m eating a bucket of ice cream every day! I just Don’t get it. It’s honestly really discouraging. I looked at pictures from 1 year ago and today, even though I am the same weight, I feel that I even LOOKED BETTER a year ago.

In other news, work is work. I have a new boss and we will see how that goes. He is doing these weekly one on ones which I think is a bit over kill. He’s also very ADD sometimes. We had a meeting last week and he asked me a question, I answered half of it before he pivoted to something else. He also assigned me something to have done by this weeks one on one but I need more information from him to be able to complete it. I have emailed him three times and no reply at all.

I haven’t really been going on many dates recently. I met this guy in Okalahoma city on the way back from Iowa and while he’s a very nice guy, I am pretty turned off by the way he tells me about all his random hookups. So I just don’t know what to do with him. I also met this other guy who lives in Vallejo. We have been hanging out and he seems super nice. We are going to go camping next weekend and he is taking me out for my birthdays tomorrow.

Really nothing much going on. I am honestly feeling a bit down/depressed lately.

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