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Roadtrip to WA.

This past weekend I did a road trip up to Kennewick to pick up the Torino. I’ve been wanting to get up there for a while and kept putting it off and putting it off. I’m glad I finally made it up there.

The drive up was nice. I stopped in Klamath Falls, OR on the way up and spent the night. Arrived in Kennewick around noon on Friday, ate lunch at my FAVORITE place (Country Merch) and then went over to the storage units where the cars were at. On the way up to Kennewick this guy called me asking to look at the car so he met me there. I opened up the storage unit and the car cover was FILTHY. I’m so glad I bought that and put it on there. The guy spent like 30 minutes looking over the car and then offered me $21k. I said no way.

So I spent the afternoon getting it started up. It just needed some gas and a little love and she started right up!!

Went over to the bronco and she was completely dead. Hooked up the jumper cables to it and the starter was just making this buzzing sound. I fucked around with it a bit more and nothing happened so I gave up for the night and just went to get dinner.

Ate dinner at Porters BBQ. So yum but so expensive then went to the hotel room and met up with my favorite fuck buddy ever. This hot twinky latin boy with the fattest cock. omg. So delicious. After that I met up with Jose and we just hung out and chatted.

Saturday I got up early and went over and started working on the bronco more. Decided to just get a new battery and put that in and he FINALLY turned over but now he was leaking gas everywhere! Looked to me like the rubber hose was busted so I went and bought a new one, replaced it and he started right up! But there was still gas leaking everywhere! 🙁 I was really hoping to get him out and drive him round a bit. But that didn’t happen. Just shut the door and went to get the trailer. Loaded up the Torino and then booked it back to Vallejo. The drive was completely uneventful.

Got home and so glad that I came home on Saturday because Sunday was a nightmare in Vallejo. The wind was INSANE, fires everywhere and power went out.

Darin and his BF broke up, I feel bad for him because it sort of just came out of no where.

I am going to be in the city this weekend on a date and I texted Bathhouse BF. He replied and said he would love to meet but he can’t host… So I’m betting he has a BF/Husband! Ugh. Annnoyyyinnnggg.

I had some weird feelings being back in kennewick. On one hand I really miss that place. Everything was so nice and clean and safe. They have places I really loved (the river, etc). Everyone is so friendly. etc. But at the same time, I just couldn’t WAIT to get out of there. I hate how conservative it is, I hate how all the people on grindr are the same as they were 2 years ago. Etc.

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