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Hmm. Not really sure where to start. I’ve started doing Orange Theory which has been good. I’ve been going to the 6:15am Class so it feels good to be up and get that done before work. I haven’t seen any changes physically but I’m pretty sure things are changing. I’m hoping one day I’ll wake up and be like, WWHO IS THAT!!! LOL. When I started a few weeks ago I could barely run. Yesterday I did a full 12 minutes non-stop running at 12 min mile pace. WHich is pretty damn good improvement I think! I’ve also been trying to do weights on my off days but those are harder to actually get up and do. This morning I skipped it.

My date a few weekends ago was nice. He’s a nice guy but just not something we have a lot in common I guess. I’ve been matching with tons of people recently but nothing really happening from it. Met two REALLY cute guys who I enjoy talking too, only to find out they are in relationships. Like WTF are you doing on Tinder if you’re in a relationship! Met some other guys who I think are super cute and would love to go on dates with but nada is happening. Supposed to have this date on Friday with this guy but he seems a bit flakey. Trying to find someone to have a date with Saturday as well but I don’t know if that’ll happen or not.

This past weekend I just kinda spent it at home alone. Did some stuff around the house and just relaxed which was actually pretty nice.

Yesterday the roommate told me he is moving out. I sort of want to just rent this house and find something smaller. But I’m looking and you can get like a 2bd house for the same price I’m paying for my mortgage!! Just stupid. I guess if I’m going to move, I’ll have to wait and move out of the state.

The next couple months are going to be insane. Costa Rica, Forest City, Iowa trips all coming up.

Darin spent the night a few weekends ago. We ended up having a threesome with this guy. It was pretty hot but the whole time i Just wanted to make out with him and fuck him. I wish he liked cuddling more too.

I’ve been having these crazy up and down days. Yesterday was a huge high and today seems really low.

The court case for the guy who robbed us is STILL dragging out. I just got an update from the DA. She’s trying to get him to plea out to 16 years. But he’s refusing that offer. I want this mother fucker in prison for the rest of his life.

I’m just getting so sick of all these dates and nothing happening. AGain. Everyone I know is in a fucking relationship, moving in together, etc etc and etc. ANd here I am fucking single AF.

Darin and I got to talking about Calvin the other day too while he was over and he was even telling me how I fucked up and let the best one go. Yeah. Thanks for reminding me Darin.

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