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This past weekend Tony came to visit. I haven’t seen him in almost 10 years. Honestly I was very nervous about him coming because I hadn’t seen him in so long and also because I wasn’t sure what all to do with him. I wanted to make sure he had a great time but I also didn’t know exactly what all to do with him.

He arrived Friday and I picked him up at the airport we went out to lunch somewhere and then went home. Showed him around down town Benicia, Vallejo and then did a quick hike. That evening we went out to the GAY BAR in Vallejo. Yes, there’s actually a fucking GAY BAR. We arrived and it’s this ghetto little place. Exactly what I expected to be honest. Everyone seemed to know each other. The three of us (my roommate went with) sat down at the bar and the bar owner proceeded to stand RIGHT NEXT to us, playing with glasses and ignored us totally. Finally after what seemed like 30 awkward minutes the other bar tender finally asked us what we wanted to drink. This place is clearly just for the regulars and not for newbies.

We had our drinks and just hung out chatting. Talked to some of the other patrons and had a good time. Went home around 1am.

Saturday we were both up pretty early and decided to go kayaking in Oakland. Drove down there and went to the rental store. WE walked in and there was this old guy and a super hot young guy behind the counter. We tell them we want to rent a kayak and the old guy starts on this “oh man the weather is so bad, the wind is high blah blah blah” So he was basically scaring us out of going! Tony and I are both pretty good kayakers, so we go out and look at the water and it’s FINE. Go back in and rent the kayaks. Spent about 2 hours doing that which was super fun!

After Kayaking we went to lunch AT POPEYES, his request. Then Costco (his request) and then went home. Got back home about 5pm and he went to take a nap while I walked the dog. He finally woke up around 7pm and we went out to dinner then decided to go to the bathhouse for the evening.

WARNING::::: NSFW content below.

So usually when I go to the bathhouse it’s a pretty boring affair. I walk around for HOURS then finally settle on some OKish looking guy and we just suck each other off. Well this trip was TOTALLY DIFFERENT. So many hot guys there, it wasn’t more than 10 minutes and I was sitting in the steam room and this hot guy sits down next to me and we start jerking each other then he sucks me for a while… I eventually get up and walk away cause I didn’t want to peak right there! Walk around for a while and then back in the steam room. This time this super cute Indian guy comes up to me and I suck him off for a while. While I’m doing that this other guy sits next to me and starts blowing me!! After a bit we all sort of switch around and there’s this group of guys watching us, I got a bit freaked out and got up and left.

After a bit more I see this cute twinky Korean boy. He blows me for a while in the glory holes. But eventually I just left him.

Was sitting in the hot tub and saw this SUPER HOT guy go into the steam room. I figured there was no way I could get anything with him but at least I could go watch him get blown or something. So I go into there and sit down on the bench and he of course has guys all over him. Watch him for a bit and then I’m not really sure what happens but suddenly he’s sitting next to me on the bench and we’re making out. After a while we start blowing each other and then he asks me if I have a room. I tell him no, I’m on the waiting list, he is too. So we go to the glory-hole rooms and we both squeeze into one. More making out, BJ’s, etc. Eventually he starts banging me. After a while he’s like “want to come back to my house”.. .UGH YES!!!! But sadly I was there with Tony and couldn’t bail on him. So I ask him if he wants to come back to mine?? He says he can’t cause he has a dog to go home too. 🙁 So we make out a little longer and then decide to just go our own ways. As we’re leaving the booth, I notice my name on the screen saying my room is ready!!!

So we take it to the room, lots more making out, caressing his beautiful body, flip-fucking, etc. After we both came we laid there cuddling for a while and then we both needed to go. I asked him for his number and said, “no pressure, if you’re just gonna ghost don’t give it to me” he said something along the lines of, “no, i’d like to see you again” and gave me his number. We left the room and went our own ways. I saw him in the hot tub while I was showering and waved goodbye and Tony and I left to go home.

On the way home, bathhouse boy was texting me a bit. Tony said to leave him until monday and then text him again. So on Monday I texted him, he took 12 hours to reply. I messaged him back and no reply since then. 🙁 So sad. I’d really love to see him again and see if we have any passion outside of the bathhouse.. My luck is he’s already married. Next time I’m in his area, I’ll text and see if he wants to meet up.

Sunday Tony and I went to SF and just walked around. Met up with Victor for a while. Drove Tony to the airport and went home.

Lots of other stuff going on. Mostly with Apple but not interested in writing about it.

I started doing Orange Theory and have been enjoying it. But the running is just so hard!!!

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