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I went to Folsom! So crazy, right.

So Apple came up Friday evening and we hung out. We were supposed to go camping but the campground got closed due to snow. 🙁 Saturday we left home and went to the Mr. S Leather party. We met my friend Victor before hand which I thought would be good cause then that way we would have someone who’s a little more comfortable in those situations to anchor us. It didn’t really help. Apple was like super paronoid or something I dunno he was being weird. We didn’t stay long which was sad and just left and walked around the city then went home.

I’m not exactly sure what happened but things went down hill and we got into an argument and he just went him. Honestly it was a bit brash on his part to just leave but whatever.

Sunday I got up and went to meet Darin in the city. WE hung out at Dolores park for a bit. He was with one of his other friends. So it was nice to hang out with them. Got lunch then walked through the fair. SO MANY HOT GUYS.

This is where my depression and anxiety kicks in though. 🙁 I wish I was way more comfortable talking to these guys, going up to them and dancing with them, etc. Or even just being shirtless. Darin was shirtless the whole time. But I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I saw a bunch of people there that I had known and talked to one or two but skipped most of them because I was anxious.

We went into this one bar and it was just SUPER DUPER packed. as we were walking through I made eye with this hot asian guy. We basically had a whole gay relationship in like the 5 minutes we passed each other. I really really wish I had actually talked to him.

Nothing much else going on. The costa rica trip is coming up quick. Which I’m excited about.

Haven’t had any dates recently. Been chatting with boys but nothing happening there.

I really need to get up to WA and get my car.

Selling my trailers to try and get new ones.

Blah blah blah.

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