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Parents Visit

So I haven’t updated in a while. My parents were here and I have just been so fucking busy with them.

It was a nice visit. I took the whole week off, we built a deck which only took two days which I was super surprised by. Did some other stuff in the yard. I’m really happy with how the outside is coming out. Just need to figure out what to do with the front yard part. I didn’t want grass but when mom and I went to go look at plants it was going to be over $3,000!!!

TOok them to this exotic car driving thing in Napa on Friday. It was fun and the guy running it had a FINE ASS! Omg.

While the parents were here my aunt fell down and broke her knee and wrist at work. Now she’s always been a bit weird. She bought a house in 1999. The first couple years we would all go over sometimes, but after a while she stopped inviting people over. Almost no one has been in her house in maybe 10-15 years. Well she was in the hospital and needed someone to go take care of her dogs. So my other aunt went over there and the house is a MAJOR HOARDER situation. Trash everywhere. The pictures my dad has sent are so disgusting. Honestly, I think it stems back to my grandpa dying. TO me that seems like about the time she stopped having people over. I think she took it the hardest TBH and has just gone downhill since then. It’s sad to see…

In other news, I haven’t seen Apple in like a month. He is coming this weekend. We were supposed to go camping but they closed the campsite due to snow! Can you believe that? A week ago it was 100F here and now this campsite is closed due to snow!! I’m a bit nervous to see him. It’s how I am with anyone really, I get super nervous meeting people cause I am always concerned it won’t go well, or I’ll be boring or whatever. I dunno. same with my Psychologist or ZenDesk.

Speaking of ZenDesk, I met him for dinner the other night. It was fun but agian, I always get nervous that I am being boring or something.

Work has been OK. Nothing super exciting going on really.

We’re going to FOlsom this weekend and I’m super nervous!!!

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