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HI and Apple

Hmm, so it’s been a bit since I updated but not much has really happened.

Update about HI guy, basically he’s out completely. I haven’t spoken to him in a couple weeks now. Right before July 4th he was pushing and pushing things and I kept telling him we just need to go slow and see what happens. Then on like July 3rd he was like “what if i just come there this weekend”. With a bunch of other stuff and I just had enough. I was going to give him a second chance but I told him we needed to be slow, just let things go and see what happens and he didn’t want to do that. So I stopped replying. He of course didn’t fucking send me my $800 for the flight to HI either.

The July 4th weekend trip was a ton of fun. Went with this guy who works at Apple, I don’t think I’ve mentioned him but we’ve hung out a few times and it always went well. We met up Wed afternoon and drove to Mendocino. Beautiful drive and good times. We got to the RV park and it was a mess, they packed people in SO CLOSELY. We got there kinda late so ended up just watching TV in the trailer. Also had sex.

The rest of the trip was just a normal trip, saw some stuff, camped, ate good food, more sex. He’s a nice guy but super unorganized and kinda dirty which is annoying for me. He also lacks common sense.

We talk every day though which is good. This past weekend I went to his place in SJ and it’s FILTHY. I honestly was super disgusted by it. Like even the light switches were dirty, dust bunnies everywhere, cat litter on the floor. The worst part about it was he said it’s “fine” he doesn’t see anything wrong with it. Ugh.

Anyway we hung out this weekend and had a good time, very touchy-feely, etc. However he just got divorced and isn’t looking for a relationship but yet he treats me like we’re in a relationship. Constantly holding hands in public lots of sex, etc.

ZenDesk and I hung out Friday evening and we talked about his relationship as well. He’s in a sort of odd situation. Again though it’s annoying that he picked this guy in this super awk/weird situation over me. Like why was I the one who got friend-zoned right away. I don’t get it.

I matched with some super cute guy on tinder on Thursday. He leaves to move back to HK on Wed.

Other news the house is doing fine. I need to get some more yard work done though. Planning on spending this upcoming weekend on stuff there.

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