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My Tinder Stats

So, recently I saw on reddit someone post their tinder stats. So I downloaded my data and analyized it. 57,000 swipes, only 1,000ish matches. WOW. What a waste of time

You can check out your stats here:

In other news, Apple and I have been hanging out a lot. Chatting every day, having lots of sex. But he only wants to be friends. I dunno. I mean it’s fine for now but I’m sure I’ll get attached. My biggest problem with him is he mansplains a lot, which I’m a pretty smart guy and he tries to tell me about shit I already know. It’s super frustrating sometimes.

He came up last weekend and helped me with my yard which was super nice of him.

I have a date tonight though with this guy but I feel like he’s going to flake on me. I really hope he doesn’t because we are going to this place called U Dessert in SF which looks amazing.

Tomorrow I am going to San Jose with Apple and we are going to do an official tour of Apple Park. I am also going to meet up with this guy Sam who I apparently used to climb with back in the day in LA but I honestly have zero memory of him. He’s _IN_ my phone book though so clearly we used to at least text or something.

Work has been super busy lately. We are finally moving forward with some projects so I have been busy working on those and doing coding and process stuff which I actually enjoy.

We had to do an “IT Survey” which has had some really annoying responses. But whatever. How about we do an ACCOUNTING SURVEY cause they fucking SUCK AT THIER JOBS.

Sunday I might meet up with this other guy but I don’t know. We will see. I’ve been super bummed lately after seeing JUST HOW BAD my tinder stats are. I really wish I had kept track of all the dates I got off that site and what happened with them.

Anyway, that was a quick update. I’m out.

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