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Guys with BFs

Construction guy has fallen off out of no where again. I sort of figured based on his last communication that it was more about making himself feel better than about actually reconnecting. I didn’t put much effort back into it TBH, but I sent him some messages about my project I’ve been working on and haven’t heard from him since. So whatever.

I talked to my therapist about ZenDesk, she and I came up with three options. 1) Just ignore him and move on, 2) send him a nice message about how I want to keep talking to him and be friends, 3) Send a nasty message. I went with option 2. I met Darin for dinner last Thursday night and he helped me put together a message. Actually, I wrote it and then he just cut things out. I sent that to ZenDesk that night and he replied right away and we were right back to where we were. He basically said “Sorry, work has been so busy”. Which as I’ve stated before that reply is TOTAL BS. Anyway, Thursday – Sunday was more of the same, good morning, good night, texting all day. Sunday he sent me a ton of pictures of him on a hike and Saturday he sent me a ton of pictures of him out wine tasting. Last night, he said goodnight at 10:30. This morning I texted him, and no reply again. Are we back to that already? I sort of suspect he has a BF?

This weekend, I met this super cute 22 year old black guy. I mean obviously nothing is going to happen there but that was fun. He kept telling me how handsome I was and actually complimented me on my pecs!

There have also been a few other randoms popping back up in my life from earlier in the year/last year now also wanting to hang out. It’s weird how things come back around or whatever.

Anyway, I hung out with Ralph and we were talking about guys, started going through the list of guys we know/have gone on dates with and there’s a few guys I’ve been on dates with that apparently are MARRIED/In LTR! WTF. I went on a couple dates with this guy Brian a few weeks ago. I found his instagram and come to find out, he has a fucking LTR! Why the fuck are you on Tinder, calling guys “cutie”, going to dinner/drinks, kissing them at the end of the night when you have a god damn boyfriend! I hate the gay culture. I get the whole “open relationship” thing but if you’re gonna be on Tinder/OkCupid, at least be HONEST that you’re in a relationship.

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