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Disrespected at work

I think this post is going to be a lot about work. I feel incredibly disrespected lately and last Thursday was just a shit load of crap that happened all at once.

First, I got this call from one of our VPs. He said “I’m at Verizon and I need the porting pin for our account”. Umm, excuse me!? I know you’re a fucking VP but who authorized you to go to Verizon and setup a new account? I sort of got headed with him because he kept saying “Well CEO and CFO approved it, if they didn’t tell you then you just need to talk to your boss”. Excuse me, no YOU need to talk to ME first before you just go around me and make decisions with my boss. His office is LITERALLY 5 feet from me. Never ONCE did he pop in and say “Hey, I’m thinking about/wanting to do X, can you help”. At one point during the conversation he even said “Look I didn’t go around you or anything”. THAT IS EXACTLY what you did. You went directly to MY BOSS instead of coming to me even once. Fucking asshole.

Second, there’s this guy I’ve been trying to have a meeting with at work. He keeps skipping meetings that I setup for him, he emails to tell me “I’ll be in BE on X day, I’ll come see you.” He never does. So on Thursday he emails me and says “I’ll be in BE tomorrow, can we meet”. I replied to him and said “I’m going to be on vacation tomorrow” he replies with “Sounds about right.” Now, this isn’t an isolated event and it really upsets me. Every time I go on vacation there’s a few people who say things like “must be nice” or “you’re always on vacation do you even work” etc etc. I work 6 days a week for this company. Sometimes 7. I worked 20 days in a row one month. ON MY VACATIONS I work 2-4 hours a day replying to emails, fixing things, etc. It’s very disrespectful that I can’t TAKE A VACATION without someone saying something snarky. I haven’t taken a vacation where I completely disconnect in years.

Lastly, our one of our marketing people left the company last week. I was in his office trying to help him an out of office reply for our general company emails that he replies too. For some reason something kept going to JUNK mail and I was trying to help him. On my OUTLOOK there’s a ribbon bar option that says “Junk” on his, it was missing and I couldn’t find where to manage the Junk mail settings. I said out loud a couple times “I just don’t understand why it’s not there on your outlook”. At one point the marketing manager chimes in with some snarky ass unhelpful comment. I had had enough. I just said “I don’t need this shit right now” and left… she’s always got a fucking attitude with me.

I’ve just had it with this company. For some reason I’m perceived as an asshole but yet all these other people disrespect me, go around me, etc. I might not be the MOST FRIENDLY person around but if you ask me nicely (IE don’t demand things or say shit like “Fix this ASAP”) I will do my best and go out of my way to get things resolved for you as quickly as possible.

In boy news, ZenDesk and I chatted every day since the last post. He invited me to hang out with him on Saturday. I went to his house after camping and we just hung out, went through his stuff and threw stuff away. Drank some wine, talked, watched a TV show. It was super nice. I really like him and wish we could do more than just friends. But he friend-zoned me and I will try to keep myself there in that place mentally.. On Sunday he was texting me pics of him planning his trip, stuff like that. Then MIA. I don’t get it. His weird MIA things. But whatever. He leaves on the 2nd for a month long trip.

The HIV+ Filipino boy and I hung out again. It was very awk. Then yesterday I was texting him and at 2pm he was like “Alright chris! You enjoy rest of the day” just sort of ending the conversation. I bet you I’ll never hear from him again.

I was snooping through facebook and found this cute climber guy I had a crush on years ago. He posted pics of him and his BF. He’s super cute, his bf ugly. WTF. Same with this other guy I used to climb with and had a crush on. He’s SO CUTE but he’s dating this bald fat white guy. I mean I know looks isn’t everything but I feel that I’m very caring, have a good personality and am WAY CUTER then those guys. But yet I can’t seem to get or KEEP a bf.

Speaking of climbing, there’s apparently a Flame N Flash event coming up next week.. I’m debating about going but at the same time I don’t know how I feel about seeing those old climbing guys again. After the fact that I’ve been here 2 years and not one of them has gotten back to me about hanging out or anything. Do I care or even try to see them? Will it be awkward if I go?

Humberto and I were talking this past weekend and he randomly brought up my MagicMirror and how when he was over he saw that I had “Date with Matt” in my calendar. I’m not exactly sure what the point was of randomly bringing this up NOW or if he was being serious but he said it factored into his decision to not date me… Ugh.

I have a couple more business ideas and I really want to buy another house. But I just can’t afford it. I need investors.

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