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Taxes, Truck, Friend-zoned

I meant to come back and write after my last post but just never got around to it. Things have been busy.

This past week was a pretty normal week. I was supposed to have two dates one on Tuesday evening and one on Saturday. Both of them cancelled on me and haven’t heard from them since. Even though I texted both of them they never replied. Super annoying that guys do that shit.

Construction guy showed back up in my life with this long text about how it’s not what I have that will make us not work but what I don’t have. Blah blah blah. And he talked more about how if people don’t show enough interest he just lets things fade etc. Well, interest flows both ways and since that message, if I don’t message him first, I don’t hear from him. So IMHO, that message from him was more about getting shit off HIS mind and making it seem to himself like he wasn’t the one ending things.

Hey. I’ve been thinking about what you told me. I want touch bases because I don’t want you to think I’m just ignoring you after the fact. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve never dated anyone who is positive, so needless to say I don’t know what it entails. It would be ignorant of me to write someone off as it doesn’t bother me as it would some people. With that said, as I’ve mentioned, I am uncompromising when it comes to picking life partners…hence why I am still single. And often times, I don’t tell people this and if it doesn’t seem like they are making an effort, I just let it phase out. So, in regards to you and I…I am for ya continuing getting to know each other and see where that goes, because ultimately, it’s not what you have that would deter us, it would be what you DON’T have…and what that is, is the right personality, values and ethics that I am looking for.

The other big thing is ZenDesk. He and I had our second “date” or whatever yesterday. Up until Friday he and I were texting every day, doing good night and good morning again. Etc. Then Friday he went me this Meme about Game of Thrones around 1pm, I replied, no reply, I replied a few hours later, no reply. I sent him a goodnight message at 10pm. No reply… Don’t hear from him again until almost 6pm Saturday. At which point I was assuming he was ghosting me and was working on making other hiking plans with Darin. Anyway ZenDesk says he was out hiking all day Saturday which is all find and good, but seriously, no replies since Friday? WTF. Darin of course says “you’re not dating yet, so why do you expect a reply” which is TRUE. However we had plans and it’s common courtesy to reply….

Anyway, we met Sunday for lunch and then a hike and then beers. It was another great day and he’s SUPER cute but I feel he’s friend zoned me already. Like things he was talking about on the hike he said. At one point we were discussing going to Europe and he started telling me about how he had so much “Fun” last time and how we can share stories when we go together. He was checking out other guys blatantly while we were at the restaurant and there were just other indications. Also every time I try to flirt with him via text he just ignores it. Like last night he said he was watching a scary movie and he said that I should watch it. I replied and said “I’ll watch it if you cuddle with me”. His reply was “It’s a horrible movie”. Then I messaged him this morning and here it is 2 hours later and no reply yet.

I just don’t get it. What am I doing wrong.

I bought a new truck. Got the Ford Ranger which I’m super excited about. Now I just need to get my Torino and my Bronco down here so I can get them sold or whatever.

And lastly, fucking TAXES. I owe $24,000!!!! Every time I feel like I’m getting ahead in my life and getting some cash built up in my accounts, the fucking government comes and steals it all away.

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