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I’ve been getting super upset about my progress at the gym lately. I’ve plateaued and I don’t know what to do next. It’s also been annoying to not have a workout partner/friend to go with or even someone supporting me or encouraging me.

I should probably setup a new routine but even just going to the gym has been a hassle lately. I’m still going. Just not pushing myself like I used too. I’ve been STUCK at this 210lbs area for like 6 months now and even though I’ve been slowly adding weights I just don’t see my Body fat go down or my Muscle mass go up!

As for other stuff, things are still going with the guy. He moved out of the house and we have been seeing each other a few times a week. We’ll see how things continue. He’s super nice and we connect sexually, but so far I just haven’t seen the emotional connection. But those things takes time.

I am headed to Palm Springs this weekend to see grandma. It’s a memorial for my great aunt and my Grandma and my Aunts are going so it’ll be nice to see them there.

Then I come back for one day then off to Hawaii.. I’m Super excited about that but I still have a lot of planning that needs to be done!

I’m also finally starting to get working on my bedroom set. I’m nearly completed with the first dresser and I really am happy with how it’s coming out. I’ve learned a lot and there’s a lot that’s not PERFECT. But it looks great so far.

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