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Moving Super Fast

Wow. So It’s been a bit since I last updated and my life has been a bit of a whirlwind TBH.

Let’s see, met the Math teacher and he’s a nice guy but not sure it’s a real fit. I want to hang out with him again but need to find the right time for that.

The night after that I had a date with this Chinese boy who has been in the USA for 10 days. His profiles all say “Here for a husband”. He’s cute but not super hot which is fine. We met for dinner that night and then hung out again Friday night and he spent the night at my place. Sunday he texts me and says he “needs to get out of the place he’s staying” and asked if he could move in to my place as roommates. I knew that was a bad idea, but for some reason I allowed it to happen anyway. He moved in Sunday night. By Wednesday we already had a massive fight because apparently I kept degrading him telling him he needs to work and work out, etc. Yes, I did say he should work out. But it’s because I wanted to have him work out WITH me. Cause it felt bad/weird that he would be at home alone while I was at the gym and RE the job. What I would do is suggest “oh that’s a good business idea, you can do that”. But he took them wrong and got all pissed off and posted this thing on reddit…

By Thursday we agreed he should move out and he said he was finding a place in San Jose which was fine for me. But then Friday he tells me he found a place in Vallejo. So Sunday he moved out of my house and into the place in Vallejo… Now honestly I have no idea what I think about that. Everything is just moving WAY too fast for me. I mean I too am looking for a husband but we should never have moved into together after 2 fucking dates.

So we shall see what continues to happen.

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