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Vegas and Stuff

Not a lot has really happened TBH. USPS and I haven’t spoken in a couple weeks. I decided after his “I’m dating a POZ meth head” comment that I can’t deal with him.

I went to Vegas for a week. I was really dreading being stuck there for a whole week but it ended up being fun. I went for a conference but my anxiety got the best of me. I went to see shows every night which was super fun and met a couple guys while I was there. One of them was this guy from Shanghai, we spent 3 days together. He was super adorable but we talked politics and it was so crazy how brainwashed he was. Like he told me that the chinese social point system was great, that there are no labor/re-education camps in china and that the news/google is controlled by our government.

While I was there I also met this cute filipino boy who lives in Concord. We hung out one night and had fun but after that he went a little crazy and like if I didn’t answer him RIGHT AWAY on text, he would message me on instagram AND gridnr. Super annoying

The dates I had lined up all cancelled on me. 3 one weekend and 2 the next weekend 🙁

Supposed to have a date tonight with the math teacher. Excited for that to see how we click in person.

Work kinda sucks. While I was in Vegas my sys admin just quit on me. Which is good and bad. It’s bad timing but I’m glad he quit cause I was going to fire him anyway. Also like 3rd quarter of last year I ewnt to my boss and said “I need a market adjustment raise” because I make WAY UNDER MARKET here. He said “Sure we can do that but it has to wait until January”. Ok, fine. I can wait. Well the company as a whole gets a cost of living increase in March… come to find out. I”m NOT getting a cost of living increase. Which is total BS.

Going out in SF tomorrow night with Darin and one of his friends. That will be interesting.

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