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Hawaii and Gym Husband

Sorry it’s been a while. I’ve been busy in Hawaii and dealing with stuff at work/personal.

So the guy, I don’t even have a name for him, after he moved out things went down hill. I told him we needed to take things slower. We saw each other a few times and it was nice. Then Wed before PS he came over but said he didn’t want to spend the night, which I thought was weird. Thursday he sends me this message on OkCupid about how he “Caught me”. Not exactly sure what he CAUGHT, but whatever. He then proceed to create new tinder, grindr, etc accounts. Which is fine, however the fact he sent the message on OKCupid and then also did all those accounts without even talking about it was the final decision maker. I am not going to date someone who’s so impulsive and dramatic about things. I told him things weren’t working out and while I drove to PS he proceeded to send me multiple text messages that continued to get angrier and nastier. So whatever. I would have liked to have continued to date him and see where things go but after those texts. I’m done with him.

I was in PS for Florance’s memorial. It was great to see the family and hang out with everyone the days were very busy and we had a lot going on. I got an AirBNB at this “Nudist gay” house. It was this couple who was in their 40’s. They were super nice but there was this underlying sexual vibe which was a bit annoying. They also had this HOT young twink there every night that they slept with in bed. So that was a bit weird. I only saw them a little bit.

Of course while I was there both Grandma and Deb brought up Calvin which was super annoying and made me sad. Even after cutting him out of social media and texting for months now it’s hard. Why can’t I just get over him. Deb of course went on her standard “I was sure you guys would get back together and blah blah blah”. I was like “yes deb. I wish so too” but of course it’ll never happen now.

While I was down there I matched with this guy who works at Whole Foods. He’s moving to SF like TODAY so hopefully we will hang out and be friends/see where things go.

I also had a date with this guy who lives in LA. I forgot how we matched but he’s super in to cars and outdoors and woodworking and straight things like me. We’ve been chatting a lot and we went on our first date which I really enjoyed. He was also WAY cuter in person than in his pics. I just messaged him telling him about my status and now anxiously waiting his reply. Since he lives in LA, it’ll be weeks between when we see each other so I felt it important to let him know sooner so we both don’t waste each others time.

Got back from PS and left for Hawaii the next day. Army flew in the day before and we did dinner then went to the hotel and just watched Game of Thrones. Flew out Wed morning arrived in Hawaii and then just hung out that first afternoon. Thursday we did Road to Hana which was BEAUTIFUL. I wish we had more time. I sort of rushed us through part of it but also we did a lot of waterfalls and there’s only so many waterfalls and beaches one can see in a day and still enjoy them. That night we were texting with gym husband. I was driving so Army was doing the texting.. Army gave Gym Husband his phone number and then instantly Gym Husband FACETIMES Army. They end up spending like over an hour facetiming. Gym Husband talks a LOT.

The next day we got up at 5am and went Scuba diving. The diving wasn’t that great which sucked and I thought that on the second dive they would have Army join the main group but that didn’t happen which sucked. Diving was done by 9:30am so we went back to the hotel, made breakfast and then napped. That whole day we were both EXHAUSTED. We went to a beach and hung out then had dinner with Gym Husband. Again he TALKED AND TALKED AND TALKED. I think Army and I said like 5 words each. That boy needs a fucking Adderall or something. After that night, we didn’t hear from him again. Not sure WTF happened there.

The rest of the trip was just driving, beaches and hanging out. We had a super fun time. (I think?) I really like Army and I glad to have him around. I know we’re both in very different places in life and we’d never mesh. But I care about him a lot and glad to have him in my life.

I got another tattoo.

Flew back home last night, dropped Army off at the airport and then drove home. I was sad to see him go.

Back at work today.. Already looking forward to the weekend.

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