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Dentist Overnight

So, I guess the Dentist is done? I dunno.

I was SUPER excited for that overnight trek. Monday I left work early, went grocery shopping, ran around packing/getting ready for it. Baked banana bread. Tuesday I left early again, rand home and packed up everything then left the house around 5pm. Took me a little over 1.5 hours to get there and as soon as I pulled in, I knew we had a problem. SIGNS EVERYWHERE saying “No Dogs”. I had specifically told him, I was bringing my dog. I asked him. Are dogs OK. He said yes.

I texted him, “We have a problem, no dogs allowed”. He said, “They don’t enforce it, no problem”. So I make 5 trips back and forth to my car to unload shit, while it’s POURING RAIN.

It was dark and raining, but the place looked SUPER SUPER cute. Rustic old cabin, etc.

I make one last trip to the car to get the dog out. There’s a guy standing next to my car, “Are you the one with the dog”. “Yes”. “We can’t have any dogs here, you need to leave”.

So, I make 5 more trips back and forth loading all the shit back into my care. Mind you, I’ve now been driving/packing/unpacking for 3 hours now. I’m hungry, I’m wet and Im’ VERY upset.

I leave to drive home, Dentist calls me and I’m driving in the mountains and I just tell him I cannot talk right now. He apologizes and refunds my money. I’m super pissed off. Not really at him but just at the situation in general. I should have fucking verified MYSELF that dogs were allowed. I was also annoyed AF because it was such a CUTE PLACE. I really wanted to stay the night.

I drive the 2 hours back home. Finally getting home at 10pm.

The Dentist and I have had a few texts since then, but nothing since yesterday. I guess he’s not interested now. I dunno.

I’m just so frustrated with dating.

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