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I need a ride

So, yesterday was my birthday. We’ll get to that in a bit.

Since last update, not much communication from Dentist. I tried to reach out to him a few times, always got short answers. I asked him directly if we were going to hang out again, He said “Yea sure”. But hasn’t followed through on that. So whatever.

Went on another date with this guy from SAC. He was nice, but not really my type. If he lived closer, I could for sure see being friends with him.

Then out of no where last Friday USPS texts me. “I need a ride”. Ride length, about 10 minutes. Of course, I’m crazy, I agree to drive him. But the whole time, my mind is racing with questions like “Why me, why not uber, why not a shuttle, why not this or that”. He just needs to get his car from the Toyota dealer. I drive and pick him up. He gets in the car, we start chatting as if nothing had happened. As if it hadn’t been MONTHs since we spoke. I dropped him off, that night he texted me: “thanks for the ride, I owe you lunch or something”. A little banter back and forth about what “or something” meant. Then a few hours pass and he texts “Goodnight Chris”. I send a bitmoji back to him.

I talk to my therapist about this, she suggests I reach out to him, agree to the lunch. Discuss things. I would really love for him to be back in my life. As friends, as more? Who knows. He has a lot to deal with on his own before we could be “more” but the thought is always there in my mind about him. I miss his strong arms and hands. We’re supposed to have lunch on Sunday.

Yesterday was my birthday. A few days before I received a card in the mail from Pasta. Another person popping up who I haven’t spoken too in months! In this case, we haven’t said a word since 7/27! I figured that would be all I hear from him. But then on my birthday he texts me. Banter back and forth, again just as if we had been talking yesterday. As if we hadn’t got in a huge argument 6 months ago!

I honestly don’t know how to respond to either of them, or how to act. Both have a lot of underlying issues that we need to openly discuss first.

AND THEN the shocker…. Yesterday I get a text from this guy I went on ONE DATE with back in November. He was nice, we had a lot of fun. But nothing ever came up after that. He texts me happy birthday. I reply thanks and start talking. He invites me to come over. I go, I spend the night… WTF. So in the past week THREE people that I had cut contact with, re-appeared in my life. WTF.

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