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USPS, Older Guys

I’m here in Yuba City this weekend working. Sort of sad about it too cause USPS and I had talked a lot about doing this project together. He was wanting to learn more about IT and this would have been a perfect task for him to learn on. Makes me think about him and miss him. I also really miss cuddling with him. He was so good.

Went on a date with a Dentist this past week. It was super fun, we talked a lot. We have a lot in common already that I can tell. He invited me to go on an overnight trip this upcoming week. So, of course since I’m CRAZY, I am going. Hope he’s not a murderer.

Also met another older guy on Tinder, he’s super nice so far as well, we have a date set for Monday.

I think I’m gonna focus on more guys my age and older…. They seem way more into moving my speed. lol

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