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Mystery Gifts

So, things have been happening. And moving quickly.

Going back to USPS. We didn’t speak after the last post. The day after he sent me the “GoodBye Chris” message. I received a small present I had bought for him (a 10′ braided iPhone charger cable because his was broken). I don’t need it, so I just dropped it in his mail box. A week later (Friday evening) I received a box at my house via USPS. I instantly knew it was from him, he has VERY obvious handwriting. I didn’t want to open it. I was hoping there was at least a note in there, something. I figured he was just mailing me back the thing I dropped off for him and also sending me back some of the other stuff I left at his house.. Sunday, I finally opened it and it was fucking Christmas presents for me and Astra. I texted him a video of astra with the toy and said: “Astra and I say thanks”. He replied with “If you need someone to pet sit while you’re on a business trip I’m here.”. UGH. WTF.

In other news, the guy I went on the date with in the last post. We have had a few more dates since then and things are going well. I’m honestly thinking about just going “exclusive” with him.. You know, I’ve done the whole keep dating around, just do whatever and it never seems to work. So why not just jump into exclusive status and take the leap? See what happens? He’s super sweet, he calls me every day. We talk every morning. I mean there’s def things that are not perfect about him, but no one is perfect, no relationship is perfect. Everything takes compromise. There are two things that really concern me about him. 1) He’s def a city boy. 2) He’s a STRICT bttm! I need a code-name for him!

With the whole USPS thing though, I’ve been questioning what I want in a BF. Every bf I’ve had has been “smaller” than me. With USPS. He was the same size, but more muscular and older. I really felt comfortable with him cuddling me. We also had much more similar “outdoorsy” dreams, IE living in small town/communities. There’s some other things about USPS that I just really loved.

Ugh. Life is tough.

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