My Life

Tables and Tahoe

So, a lot has happened since I last posted but I will try to keep this short.

Kevin: We’ve been hanging out, we had a long talk on Sunday cause he came with me to tahoe and back for a day. He’s apparently been VERY slutty in the past but says he doesn’t want that any more. BUT he also said he’s not ready to settle down. WTF. So who knows what’s going on there. He’s super cute, a top and likes to just go home and play video games. We had sex after Tahoe and it was pretty good.

Humberto: We also have been hanging out, but he’s SO CONSERVATIVE, doesn’t like sex and gets shy/awk about everything sexual. We went to Sailor moon last night and actually held hands for the first time.

I just dunno.

Jason and I got into a huge fight and haven’t spoken since Friday. He has been texting Darin behind my back. Which is really annoying for me.

I bought two more trailers for my business. Now I need more people to RENT.

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