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Family Reunion and Wings

So a little update, not much has really been going on though. Let’s start with boys.

Pokemon – So things have been ok. I got my car broken into and they stole all his shit. He’s been in Vancouver and Vegas the past week and a half. Last week he admitted to fucking two guys while he was in Vancouver. Now granted, I’ve been fucking plenty of guys here while he’s been gone. But it still annoyed me.. Today he invited me to two house warming parties next weekend. I asked “Are your friends going to be like the guys you wanted to fuck on BART” and he hasn’t replied as of now… So that means yes. I don’t think this is gonna work. He’s just not on the same page as I am

Humberto – We go to LA this weekend together. I haven’t seen him in two weeks. It will be interesting to see how things go in LA. But I have come to the conclusion that it’s not gonna work with him either. He’s just tooooooo picky about things, scared of everything, unwilling to expand and try new things. I just cannot.

So back to the dating world.

Last weekend I was in LA for a family reunion that was nice to hang out with everyone. But it was a super quick trip. I was sad that I didn’t get to see Army while I was there. But that was also expected.

I’ve been a bit down lately again. Just not sure what’s happening. Work sucks. etc.

I talked to my boss about a raise/more vacation time but no reply on that yet.

I saw Wings on tinder again… Made me sad. I miss him.

I also really miss Calvin. UGH He sent me a pic of him at the gym and he’s so fucking CUTE. Ugh. I really fucked up there.

Jason and I haven’t spoken since he was here in SF.

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