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Latino and Pokemon

Things have been pretty crazy around here. I’m winding down the dating crazy as I’ve found two people who I’m pretty into and now I just want to spend more time getting to know them and see what happens.

First work, it’s been boring but I’ve been getting kinda busy the last two weeks. Our COO is clearly an idiot. He asked me today “What’s the difference between WIP and Finished goods”. WTF. I found out for sure that the NAV project is on hold until next year which is super let down. They also asked me to move my trailers to a different place so I’ve been struggling to find a place to rent to store them.

In the trailer business, I’ve been debating between selling the business or expanding it. It’s been going very well. I had 53% utilization last month! I was going to be happy at 30%. My year to date though is still pretty low. I have the cash ready to expand and buy two more trailers.. BUT I kind of want to find some sort of funding so that I don’t have to put $60k cash of my own money into the business.

Ok, so the exciting part of my life. Dating.

First Humberto. We are still chatting every day, we haven’t hung out since Ikea though which is sort of annoying. This past weekend I hinted at him multiple times to try to get him to INVITE me over to hang out but he never did. Then Sunday night he TXTed me and said “I wish we had hung out this weekend”. WTF. I’m going to be in the city on Friday with Jason and Darin so I invited him to hang out with us. As we all know, he’s super sweet and funny. I’m just sort of concerned about his sexual readiness.

Second is Kevin (Pokemon). I met him Friday night in the city, we hung out on our first date by going to look at houses for him to rent. He currently lives with his mom and dad and has a fucking CURFEW! At 25 years old! Sunday we agreed to hang out again so I drove down to his place in Fremont, picked him up and then we just did some random stuff including him getting me started on Pokemon and getting a hair cut together. Our first two dates were super random. He’s a really nice guy, funny super awk. BUT he said he could never be in a monogamous relationship! Also, he doesn’t know I’m HIV+ yet.

Army and I still chat. On Monday he told me about two dates he had this past weekend and I got super pissed. He’s currently in Los Angeles which I”m also super pissed about. He told me originally it was “just a few days during the week” but come to find out he’s there a FULL WEEK including a weekend. I could have totally seen him.

I have been really thinking about a kid more and more. But I just feel like it’s never gonna happen. I’m getting TOO OLD. At this rate by the time I find a husband, get married and then start to have a kid I’ll be fucking 40!

Nothing else to really report. I need a new job, more vacation and more monies.

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