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IKEA and Climbing

I’ve been meaning to write an update but just haven’t really had time. I’ve been running all over the place.

So first, I know you’re all dying to hear about Gym Husband. Well, we FINALLY met in person. On Monday night at the gym. He told me. “I’m moving to hawaii”.. Literally the next day. Also, come to find out him and ARMY matched on Tinder. WTF. 🙁 He didn’t even match with me. I’m over him. He hasn’t texted me since.

Tuesday night I had a date with this guy Jimmy, he’s a med student in Santa Rosa, he was kinda cute but not really my type. We had fun. I drove up there Tuesday after work, we hung out with Astra and his dog. Spent the night and just cuddled and thenWed Morning we got up, had breakfast and then I drove him.

Wednesday afternoon I had a third date with Humberto. He came over and we watched a bit of a movie and then went to the fireworks. That evening was the first night we really touched, like I was holding his leg and he has his arm around mine while sitting there watching the fireworks. He went home that night and still no goodnight kiss.

Thursday and Friday were pretty boring.

Saturday I had a date with this guy VJ, horrible date. He called me a bitch within like 10 minutes of meeting. Went climbing with Hein after that and we had fun. Super cute asian guys at the gym. I managed to still crush a V2 which was amazing! I was sure I’d only be able to do a V0. Went home after that, got high and jerked off.

Saturday was another date with Humberto. We spent ALL DAY shopping. Had lunch then Ikea and some other stores, had a lot of fun. At one point I made a really dumb joke and he laughed so hard he cried. Sadly everyone I’ve shown his pictures too has said he’s ugly! I think he’s super adorable. I wouldn’t’ say he’s hot or anything, but I think he’s cute. Plus we have fun together, laught, we’re both super nerdy. Etc.

At dinner we had a long discussion about relationships, HIV, and some other stuff. I found out he hadn’t really dated or had sex until he moved here to America.

This week is going to be nuts. I have a concert tonight, three dates.

I’m sort of over this whole dating thing. I honestly have a problem right now where there’s just TOO MANY GUYS. But I feel like none of them are right for me. We will see.

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