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Gym Husband + Dates

Ok, so I have some exciting Gym Husband news!! Continue reading for more….

So I haven’t updated since Army left. We have been chatting but nothing much really. So nothing to update there.

Since then I have been busy trying to keep myself busy and mind occupied. Last week I had 4 dates. Thursday I met with this guy Justin who’s a PHD student in AZ. He was a nice guy, super into outdoors and hiking but since he’s in fucking AZ I doubt anything will ever happen.

Friday my date cancelled so I ended up going on a date with this guy Humberto. We went to dinner and then a movie. He was very funny, mexican, cute but has bad acne scars. We have date #2 tomorrow night but I have NO IDEA what we are going to do!

Saturday I had an all day roadtrip/date with Rich (date #3). He’s a nice guy. Apparently he’s HIV+ as well, just found out a year ago and has been dealing with it really badly. We hung out, chatted, came home, made out and watched a movie then I took him home. I spent the last couple days thinking about it but he’s just not the right guy for me. He just got WAY too jealous after our FIRST date. I cannot deal. Also while making out he just laid there like a dead fish.

Sunday was PRIDE and I met up with Ivan (FINALLY). He’s a cute and nice guy as well, I thought we had a lot of fun but then he’s been like MIA all week. I finally texted him again today and said “Hello” and he just said he’s been “been in a funky mood”. I asked him what’s wrong and no reply as of this writing. It’ll be up to him if we hang out again. I would enjoy it but we will see.

This week I have been back to my normal routine. Tonight I am having a date with Reyner who’s another HIV+ asian guy. Why are so many asian guys HIV+? He seems nice but I think he drinks WAY too much for my tastes.

Ok, So gym husband news!!!! Aren’t we all excited. As you know, I saw him on Tinder on Monday. I super liked him. Monday I went to the gym SUPER early specifically to avoid him. Tuesday I went to the gym and he wasn’t there but when I left he was SITTING IN HIS TRUCK. I pulled out and he pulled out at the same time and then he sort of followed me down the road for a bit. He turned at a corner and then seconds later I get a text message “Hi”. I reply “Hello?” He said “I got a message on my truck”. It went from there. His STORY is that he went to the gym Tuesday and forgot his headphones, was scrolling through his phone and saw the saved message “unknown-note on truck”. My theory is that he saw my LIKE on Tinder, recognized me from Gym, went there, watched, confirmed it was me and then decided to finally text!

Anyway, now that he’s FINALLY Texted me after months I just don’t know what to say to him! We’ve talked about work, gym, but I don’t know what else to say. I ask him questions, he answers but then doesn’t ask me anything. LIke if you don’t ask me things, how can you continue the convo!

Last night I went to the gym trying to purposely see him but also avoid him at the same time. I wanted to schedule it so that we had just a little bit of overlap. I texted him before I went and said “Maybe I’ll see you at the gym tonight”. He replied “Yeah if I see you I’ll def come up and introduce myself”. Well I was doing weights and out of the corner of my eye. I saw him in his normal uJam class. I finished working out at 7:45 and his class doesn’t get out until 8 usually. I got on the treadmill to try and kill time, but for some reason the class must have been running late. I text him after and he says “Oh yeah, I did cardio and then jumped in the class but I didn’t see you”.

Ugh, If he was interested in meeting me, wouldn’t you have searched me out when you arrived! Or at least looked around to see if I was there! The gym isn’t that fucking big.

So now it makes me feel weird about trying to talk to him more/text him. Ugh.

I asked him what he’s doing this weekend and it was very non-responsive. Just the basic “not sure” type answer thing.

Ugh. I dunno what to do now!!! It’s like meeting your hero, you have this idea of what they are like and then when you meet them it’s a huge let down. I knew this was going to happen.

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