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Vietnam Update

So we’ve been in Vietnma for a week now. It’s been a fun trip. We flew here First class which was nice but also a bit annoying. The comforts were great and I got a pretty nice sleep but I hated that we couldn’t talk. When dinner time came around they asked Army if we should eat together and I was surprised he said yes. That was nice. So he came over to my little suite thing.

Got to Vietnam and his Aunt and Uncle and these kids picked us up. Went back to the house which is ok. The accommodations are not that great but they aren’t horrible either. They have been nice. We ate dinner here that night and then we just exchanged money and walked around a bit.

Pretty much the whole trip has been short shopping trips with a few sight seeing things. We did the whole list of city sight seeing in one day. We really have no way to get out of the city which is frustrating. Army had told me they had a car to get us around but that’s not the case at all. This whole “plan it by ear” thing is NOT working out. We have wasted so much time sitting around, watching movies etc.

We have spent so much time together over the past week that I am liking him more and more but nothing ever happens. He is so cold. I still don’t know how I got myself into this situation.

I’m not really sure how much more I want to write about this. It’s been said and done over and over. The whole army thing has ruined two potential relationships. I just need to move the fuck on.

His summer plans keep changing too. Now he says he is leaving July 18th. I’m 100% sure that when he leaves that will be the last I will see of him. I have to get him out of my life otherwise this will continue to cause issues and not allow me to move on to someone else.

Kevin and I talked today too. He doesn’t want a relationship. No one wants me.

I’m just over this BS.

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