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Baby Dreams

When I was home for Christmas Army was talking a lot about babies and how he wants two kids, one with his DNA and one with his Partners DNA. Last night we were texting and he was like “I want babies now” and we talked a bit about it for a while.

That caused me to have some crazy baby dreams last night. First dream they were new borns, driving them around in child seats in the back of my QX60. Taking them to their first Christmas. Our families were together at my parents house. It was cute.

Then the roommate woke me up by getting up in the middle of the night.

Second dream they were older. We had bought my parents house and remodeled it. The kids were starting to learn how to drive and I was teaching them on my ’78 Bronco. I had quit my job and was working from home and we were home schooling the boys. Army was working.

I sort of want babies now. Before I get too old.

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