So… I’m going to Vietnam. With Army. How did this happen? I’m not exactly sure.

After my last blog post about how he messaged me “I miss my daddy” we FaceTimed a few times and then this just sort of happened. We’re staying with his family in Vietnam. I hope they have western toilets.

I bought the tickets (using miles) so for both our flights it only cost $160. Plus we’re going to kick in $150 to the host family (each) plus food, this whole trip should hopefully cost less then $1,000. I’m hopefully going to keep calling and trying to get business class tickets. I sure hope we do.

He’s very confusing. I’m really not sure wtf is going on with him or what our “relationship” will be like when we get there. Like are we going to just be friends, are we gonna be cuddley and what not while we’re there? Can I go hookup with random guys while I’m there? Where will I even be sleeping, are we sharing a bed?

Last night we were chatting and he started on this “Daddy buy me” kick again. I keep knocking him down that we’re not playing that game. I’m no fucking sugar daddy.

I’ve been hitting the gym 3-4 nights a week. I feel like I’m seeing some progress, I can buckle my belt one more notch already plus I think that my arms are a little more toned. My plan is to do circuits, so Arms M,W,F and then legs T,R. The worst part is when you get some idiot fucking just SITTING on a machine not moving for 20 minutes.

Work sucks. I have literally been watching movies all week. Our “Plant Manager” emailed me because he couldn’t find a file on Sharepoint. Why am I searching for sharepoint files?! This is not my fucking job.

The roommate has been great. He’s very nice and pretty quiet. We chat unlike my old roommates.

I’m still super super confused about Thumper. I finally texted him on Friday and said “So, are you just an SF flake or do you actually want to hang out” he said something about his 12-14 hour days and he’s been trying to destress. Then I said something along the lines of I just don’t want to be cancelled on again. And he never replied since then. so WTF. I just do not get guys.

OkCupid and Tinder have been going like shit. I haven’t been getting ANY replies at all.

Calvin posted an instagram and he’s in Hawaii… I dunno how I feel about that. Writing it makes me sad, I wish I was there with him. I still regret what happened.

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