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I need a dating cheat sheet

I do not get the dating game… I need a cheat code for it. Why does everything have to be a game.

Boy A likes Boy B. Why can they not just say that, be open about it and not fucking play games!

Thumper and I made a FOURTH date. He cancelled again. I haven’t heard from him since. He has today off. I was so into him, I already know him in person. He sends me lots of cute pics, we were chatting non-stop for weeks now. I just do not get it.

Then, on Monday fucking ARMY txts me while I’m at the gym. He says “I miss my Daddy” with a crying emoji face. I txt him back, “Are you fucking drunk”. He facetimes me. We end up chatting for 3 hours on FT.

Then we go by a few days, very little chatting then last night I’m sitting here after my cancelled date and Army facetime out of the blue. We chatted for about 30 minutes.


Then all these guys “match” me on tinder and then never reply to messages. Same with OKCupid, no replies.

I had my second PT today. He gave me some more exercises but said that my knee was getting stronger already. I told him I’m not feeling anything different.

Been going to the gym daily. I feel like there’s some improvement already.

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