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Bored at work/Certifications

I’m so bored at work! I need a new career. The last two jobs I’ve been insanely bored. Mostly because the “projects” they hire me to do, never actually happen. So I end up being a desktop support person. Which is NOT what I want to be doing with my life. For example. Today I installed O365 on someone’s computer and then I showed another person how to create a rule in Outlook. ::shoot me::

There’s a lot of stuff I could be doing but I do not want to do. It’s just menial IT administration tasks. I want to be doing projects, managing things, etc. Not doing inventory.

I’ve been reviewing resumes and there’s so many people with all these certifications. I swear they must just CRAM for them, pass the test then put it on resume. There’s no way you can have enough knowledge to have MSSQL, CCNA, COMPTIA, etc all in one person. I also had someone with SIX fucking AA degrees!

I took the entry level compTIA test yesterday, with no studying or anything. Just decided to go for it. I got 62%. If I had got one or two more questions right, I could have passed it. Certifications are BS, IMHO.

I said earlier that I’ve been debating going back for my MBA, but I just am not sure it’s worth it. Will it get me anything better? Honestly I feel like I’ve lost my edge in the IT world. I need to get back up to speed but I’m just not sure how to do that.

Thumper and I have been chatting a lot this week. Doing the whole good morning/goodnight thing, talking about our days, what I like to do. Unlike Army who told me to “go watch youtube”. He’s also been sending me all these super adorable photos of him. Woof! We are going to hang out on Saturday evening, so I am excited for that. We will see what happens there.

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