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36th Birthday

Well this birthday has been pretty good so far.

Found some super cheap flights to PDX so I did that. It will actually end up costing me twice as much to board astra as it did to fly here for the weekend. Got in Friday and we just poked around, didn’t do much then went to a house warming party at some girls house. It was pretty crazy and fun and they had some yummy food.

Saturday we went to this air and space museum which has the spruce goose in it. That was amazing to see. I always knew it was HUGE but expected it to be even bigger then it was. We went out that night to the local gay strip bar. Which is always fun. Sadly I didn’t get a lap dance. 🙁

Sunday we hung out, baked a cake, did some other random stuff then had a birthday dinner for me. Had the normal group of people. It was fun but there was also some super awk-ness going on. Not sure what that was all about.

We also saw “Call me by your name” which was a really good movie but there was a lot of plot cut out and at times it was confusing. The guy who played Elio was hot.

Before I left town, I’ve reconnected with this guy Thumper. I’ve known him for a LONG time but we lost touch a few years ago. When we re-connected it was just like old times. He invited me over tonight after my flight lands, but he just txted me that he is feeling sick and wants to re-schedule. I am excited to see him again though.

Calvin messaged me for my birthday. I haven’t spoken to him since Christmas day when I found out about him and Will. It still hurts/pisses me off that he’s dating Will of all people. That is the equivalent of me dating Hut. I just don’t know if I really want him in my life any longer or not. I feel like I should not cut ties with him but at the same time….

Anyway, I need to eat before my flight. I”m out

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