Under 200

I’m having trouble writing much here today…

Army things have been strange again. Last week he called me nearly every day to chat. One day he even called twice. Then Saturday he called me twice, then yesterday barely anything and nothing yet today. I don’t get it. Jason says I need to stop. It’s super annoying how army never seems to care about what I’m doing or how my day has been, etc. I always ask him how his day is, what he’s been up too, etc. But he never asks me things like that. I bought him a small v-day gift that will be delivered on Wed. Why am I doing this to myself? Stupid.

I went on a date with this asian guy last night. He literally lives around the corner from my house, he was nice but super AWK.

Saturday I met this other guy from Vacaville, also nice but not exactly my type. We will for sure hang out more though because we had fun, but nothing more then friends there.

Sunday I went shopping, accidentally spent $600+ in about 45 minutes at the outlet stores. That place is dangerous. Then I purged my old clothes. Donated 3 garbage bags full of old clothes. I have only ONE pair of blue jeans left because I decided I hated all of the ones I have. Plus I donated ALL of my shoes except for the pair I wear every day and my hiking boots.

I matched with this really cute guy on Tinder, we were chatting and then he said “Oh I”m just visiting.” I asked where are you from. He said: “You won’t know where it is, but The tri-cities”. WTF why couldn’t I meet him when I lived there!

The roommate never came home on Friday night after work, then showed up randomly about 2pm Saturday and was home for about an hour then left and said “I’ll be back tonight”. He didn’t come home again until about 11pm Sunday. Sure, he’s an adult he can do what he wants and come and go as he pleases, but I just wish he would let me know if he’s going to be home or not. Cause I feel super AWK if I have someone over and he’s going to be around or he will just randomly show up. So I don’t want to invite people over unless I know for SURE he will be gone.

I’ve been debating blocking Calvin on social media, but I feel like I should email him and explain why before I do.

We just had our weekly corporate meeting and they are shuffling all these people around. Making things more “independent”. They hired these expensive ass consultants and so far everything they’ve at least announced, _I_ could have told them needed to be done.

This weekend I officially am UNDER 200lbs! Need to keep up at the gym and hopefully by next weekend I’ll be down to 190! I haven’t been under 200lbs in years.

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