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Malibu Lead, Crazy Party, FOX!

Wow, this past weekend was CRAZY. Friday I didn’t do much, came home, Rik came over, spent the night, you know.

Saturday I got up and headed up to Malibu creek with the homos. We went climbing. I lead a 5.10a. Good times! 🙂 It was overhung and all.

Didn’t do much though that day because it was so fucking hot out and all the shade climbs were taken. On the way out the pools were PACKED with SUPER HOT ghetto boys. OMG. cream pants!

After that I went to the gym, showered, weird asian staring me down, picked up nick, went to Sylvia’s party.

I can’t realy write much about it, because I honestly don’t remember most of the night! I got SOOO drunk by 8:30pm. It was out of control. I haven’t been that drunk since the infamous night in WeHo for halloween two years ago! LOL. It was FUN from what I remember. I molested Rex, as per usual, etc.

Went home with nick. Threw up a lot. Sunday I woke up, took nick home. Threw up some more, came home, slept in bed all day then came to work at 3pm and worked till just after midnight.

Monday morning comes, and 5:30am phone calls start. People are so crazy when it comes to the SMALLEST thing changing!

I didn’t stop working till just after 10:00pm that day. Sooo many emails.

Not much else going on this week. I am making a last minute trip up to WA this weekend. Going to hopefully find some people to go climbing/camping with and what not.

I’m out!

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