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Zion and Bryce

This past weekend I went to Zion and Bryce canyon with Jake, Sylvia, Claudia and JoEric. It was a really great trip. Drove out there with Jake on Thursday and we got there around 10:30am. Great times. We went climbing at this place called Snow Canyon which was just amazing. There was no one around and we had the place to ourselves. I did some lead climbing and had a great time.

Went back to the camp site, setup, etc.

Not to much exciting about the weekend to report. Zion was amazing, we went to Bryce, saw some buffalo, ponys, etc.

Drove back on Monday and wanted to kill Jake. He bought some suits and we just HAD to stop and pick them up. Of course the place didn’t open till 10am so we had to sit around and wait in Vegas, then didn’t get done till 11ish, then drove and stopped for an hour for lunch. Ugh. Didn’t get home till 6pm. 11 hours of driving!

I’m getting really pissed at people. I hate that everyone seems to be out and hanging out with each other, but I never get invited. Sophia and Elsie/Julie, etc. Just all this BS.

Then the whole group thing I dunno what the fuck is going on there, people are going climbing. I keep hearing about it, but I never get invited to the fucking climbing they do! WTF. I started the F’ing group and yet I get left out of everything. Todd and gang all went to West Virginia a few weeks ago, like 10 of them. And I didn’t hear a fucking thing about it till after!?

Pisses me the fuck off. And lately all the things I’ve been trying to plan get like 1-2 people to turn out!


Work is crazy. I am starting to build up this Nav project, getting everyone ready. Starting to do trainings on stuff. That should be interesting. Whatever.I need to really talk to them about bonuses or pay or something. I feel like I”m getting screwed. I found out that a co-worker got a $5,000 bonus for doing something that I had been doing before. WTF!

Also found out that Navarro apparently started his own consulting firm! LOL It was hilarious reading his linkedin profile today.

I’m out.

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