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It’s to soon to lose another…

Well here I am on the flight back to LA from Iowa. It’s been a really short trip but much needed.

Let’s go back in time a bit first.

Friday night I got off work and headed over to Syliva’s house. Met up with her around 5:30 and we went to get dinner at this sushi place. It was pretty good, had some interesting new sushi that I enjoyed. I’ve never really been a sashimi person which we got a little bit of. From there we headed back to her house and grabbed some wine, chatted on the pourch, watched the sunset, talked about boys and boy troubles and what not. Got done with that and we had a little mary j then headed to the concert.

Liza fucking Minelli! Amazing. We were late, we got amazing seats, we could have pur our ARMS on the fucking stage! Amamzing.

We left at the intermission. Went back to her house, had more wine, more mary, watched Benjamin Button and then went to bed.

I got up eary the next morning and went to my car, plugged in my phone and had two missed calls from my dad. I knew something not good had happened. I called him back. GG has passed away in the night.

I went to a coffee bean at Hollywood and Highland to meet up with Adam and booked flights back home, left on Sunday afternoon. As we were walking back to my car the fucking meter maid was giving me a ticket for parking in a zoned area. Who the fuck knew! UGH! Another fucking ticket.

Anyways, Adam and I went up to San Antonio falls and did some canyoneering which was fun. Drove home from there and packed and got everything organized for the trip home.

Sunday came and I went to the office to get some work done then headed to the airport.

Got home that night and went to the house, sat on the back pourch listening to the bugs and crickets and what not then went to bed.

Got up EARLY on Monday, drove mother to work then drove the truck to Lenox. Met up with the family, did visitation that evening, came home from that and sat around with the family at Grandma’s house talking about GG and Grandpa and other random things! Ate TONS of food and drank lots of wine!

Tuesday was the funeral again we were all up early. Services SUCKED this time because of the new pastor, he didn’t even take the time to get to know the family or ask what GG was like. He basically just READ her fucking OBIT which was annoying as hell. I did break down crying for some of it. It was really sad to thinking back just over a year ago to Grandpa’s funeral.

The precession was a little funny because we had to pass a hay bailer on the way out to the cemetary. Everyone hung around at the cemetary for an oddly long amount of time after, unlike grandpas where everyone left pretty quickly.

Got back to the church, had lunch, did some family pictures and then went back to grandma’s and basically spent the night there just chatting again. I was alittle annoyed that we didn’t go out and do something else. I picked some pears which was nice and relaxing.

Wed was another early morning beacuse of all the noise in the house and I was sleeping in the living room. Again we mostly just hung out at the house, went over to GG’s for alittle bit to pick out things that we wanted from her. I got some nice crystal bowls and the Bell that I have given her from Paris.

Drove home with Sheila that evening, then met up with my parents at the climbing gym and did some bouldering for a while. Came home, ate dinner then went up to Ames to meet up with this guy that I had met at Christmas. Hung out at his house for litterally 30 minutes and then came home.

I was very annoyed with Morgan again this week. He txted me on Sunday asking how climbing was. I told him I was in Iowa, no reply, no “sorry to hear, hope all is well”. Nothing. UGH. Then I txt him to see if he can help me out with some shopping, he replies back that he could so I sent him an email told him to REPLY to let me know he got it, NOTHING.

UGH. Asshole.

On monday Daniel randomly IMed me. He had know way of knowing that I was in Iowa, but he asked if we could hang out, apparently he’s been having dreams about me? Random. I Told him next week.

Today I met up with Angel and we hung out for the afternoon, it was good to see her again, but things with her and Rick are not going so well. I wish she’d just move out and start over again. She needs someone much better then that!

Met up with mother after that and then dad and I went out to dinner. Dropped me off at the airport.

I’m looking forward to camping this weekend. I am going to be uber lazy and relaxed!

NIght all.

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