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Am I too busy?

So, I’ve been thinking about just closing down shop over here. It’s been nearly 9 years now. I don’t know. I tried to stop a while back, but then I came back to it after a while. I might just stop updating every week and slow down. There’s not much to really report.

Friday I went on a date with this guy Adam. He’s the guy I went hiking with last weekend. He’s a nice guy, but I’m not sure I’m interested. He’s def interested in me. We shall see.

Saturday I ran around town, bought books, researched portland stuff, read, watched a movie, went out and about, etc.

Sunday Morgan and Sophia came to my house, we went rock climbing. Claudia, Silvia, Jerry and Meghan(!) were there. We had a great time, did some lead climbing and what not. Morgan brought me coffee. It was really awk seeing him again. On the car ride home we talked a lot, got back to my place. I offered for him to stay a bit, he refused. :'( So I guess the answer is just friends. He WILL not fucking talk about it though, it’s so fucking annoying. UGH.

I’m hiring Sophia as my assistant. We shall see how that goes.

I have a date tomorrow night with Marshal. He’s a great guy, but not for me. He likes to just sit at home, watch movies, and watch TV. I can’t do that shit.

I might be going to Zion next month with Adam. We shall see.

Work is redic. I hate people.

I’m so tired of being single and alone. Why is it so hard for me to find a boyfriend! I was talking to this random yesterday and he said that I probably intimidate guys with all my crazy activities and what not. Ugh.

Honestly, I’m feeling very depressed lately, and I hate this feeling. Make it go away!

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