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Lost CC, Apartment and Work!

Another looooong weekend with a lot of hassle!

So let’s see. Friday night I came home and did nothing.

Saturday I got up at 5:00am, drove out to the valley and met up with Jerry, JoEric, Ally and some other guy. We were all going to go do some canyoneering that day. Found the place with no problems, sadly there was no water, but it was still some GREAT canyoneering! Got done with that part about 11:30. and then we tried to hike out! What a mess that was! We could NOT find the way out! The directions said to follow the stream bed to the second road crossing. Well we NEVER found the road crossing! The stream bed just kept winding back and forth. Finally after about 2 hours of hiking trying to find the damn thing I just started climbing UP the side walls of the canyon. It was about 200 feet, straight up, of nothing but sand and dirt! So every time you took a step you would fall backwards about 3 feet! It was a mess.

I made it to the top and threw a rope down to the rest of the people so they could use the rope to pull themselves up! Got everyone up except jerry who was having a really tough time! He was breathing hard, low O2, high altitude, HOT and little water the whole day. We were all pretty beat! By the time we got Jerry up, Ally and gang had to leave, so I drove him back to his car. He got there, unlocked it and then basically collapsed next to the car. I poured water over him, made him drink tons and then we sat there for an hour and a half waiting for him to be able to see enough that he could drive! Scary! There were a couple times where I looked over and swore he wasn’t breathing any more! I about freaked out!

So after that we drove down the canyon to McDonalds where I left Jerry to continue recovering and headed to Coffee Bean for a HUGE water and a drink (by this point I hadn’t eaten for over 8 hours and hadn’t drank anything in over 4 hours!) So I order myself some stuff with my ING bank card, put it in my back pocket and walk out. Drive back to RB, check out an apartment (walked all over looking at it) then drove home, showered, changed, walked up to Trader Joes to get groceries for the week. Went to pay with my ING bank card and it was GONE! So I try paying with my Principal bank Debit card, DECLINED, tried paying with my Principal bank CC, Declined! I end up having to pay with my American Express card.

I walk home with my food, dig out my Principal card and call the “24-hour customer service hotline” that is listed on the back of the card. “I’m sorry, we’re only open from 7am-7pm Central time”. Well that’s CLEARLY not 24 hour now is it!?

So then I call ING and they cancel my card and then tell me it will be 3-5 business days to get my new card. Great! But not a big deal because I figured the problem with Principal was just a minor issue that could be quickly fixed.

I eat dinner, watch some Dick Van Dyke and then go to bed. Got up Sunday at 5am and called into Principal on my way up to Malibu to go rock climbing! AT LAST I get to climb at Malibu! I was sooo excited!

Principal basically tells me that they mailed out a notification that they were going to cancel my card. I don’t recall ever getting that notification. UGH! So long story short, even though I now have TWO banks, I am LOCKED out of both bank accounts! Redic!

I was even contemplating putting the deposit on that new apartment! I am not sure what to do about that place. I really like the idea of having my own whole apartment and lawn and everything, but it small, and hasn’t been updated at all! UGH! But it has a garage! And it’s cute! I think I’ll do it, but I’m still not sure.

Get to Malibu, spend my ONLY remaining cash I have on parking and then WAIT for an HOUR for JoEric to show up so that we can do the climb setup. Jerry was late because of the whole mess the day before, I told JoEric to BE ON TIME, but of course he wasn’t. So I got pretty pissed about that.

They got there, we setup, Jerry showed up and we started climbing. There was HUGE group out there that day, I REALLY wanted to climb.. And then, I got a call. From the office. Our network is down. I do some remote trouble shooting, call Speakeasy, they verify something is not working. So I have to go onsite to look. I get here and the Edge device has NO POWER. I swap power cables and everything and nothing works. So I call Speakeasy back, who then has to call XO who then calls Verizon to get a tech out here. I wait an hour for the Tech to show up, who was out Surfing, he plays with it and decides the damn thing is busted. Drives to downtown LA only to find out there are NO backup devices in the LA area. So they have to have one shipped out!

Here it is 24 hours later and we’re STILL waiting for an ETA on getting this resolved! This is just crazy that they have left a customer out in the cold for THIS long!

And that was MY Sunday. What was supposed to have been an amazing day of climbing out at the beach turned into a day of me sitting around the office WAITING for people to get figured out! Ugh. Went home after that, watched more Dick Van Dyke, hung out at home and did nothing much really.

So this weekend, I’ve been oddly missing Morgan… Obviously it’s because he’s such a crazy cool guy! lol. But anyways, Daniel has been pissing me off lately as well. He’s just been acting crazy as hell this week. It’s time to end it. He was only ever meant to be a boy toy anyways so now it’s a little out of control, and his attitude has been annoying lately. IE Yesterday he was like, “It’s to hot to do anything, I’m just going to stay home”. What a lame excuse! Ugh.

So yes, that’s my weekend, this week I feel is going to be lousy. We shall see!

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