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Yosemite July 4th!

What a weekend! I only wish every weekend were like this one!

Morgan came over Wed night and we hung out with Sirin. He crashed on my couch for the night. Got up EARLY on Thrusday, packed up the car and then headed out to Yosemite. Made a few stops, one in Mojave to see where everyone was, then another at Erik Schat’s Bakkery in Bishop, CA. I’ve talked about this place before and I love it! 🙂 Yum yum. Everyone caught up with us here and we decided to all head out to Bodie, CA. Great times were had by all there as well.

From there we headed out to the meadows! I couldn’t wait to get there and was so excited to finally get into the park. It was an amazing site to see coming over the pass into the park.

Once everyone was in the park on Thursday night a few of us took a short walk to try and find this pool that I was hoping for, however we had some troubles finding it. Got back to camp just after night fall and made some delicious walking taco dinners! It was a pretty chill night and everyone was really excited for the next morning!

Friday morning we all woke up. I got everyone up by 7, but we STILL didn’t leave camp till 9am! Got off onto our little hike to Waterwheel falls! It was a great hike out there though the meadows, down into Glen Aulin and then on into the Grand Canyon of the Toulomne river! Absolutely beautiful! We were pretty slow on the way out there but reallly booked it on the way back. Ended up doing 24 miles in one day!

Got back to camp, loaded up the car and headed out to those whirlpools again. This time we found them! Everyone hung out, jumped in, had a great time and watched the sun set a bit. Headed back to camp later after that, made some delicious dinner and had some great wine!

Saturday we all got a late start, then headed off to go climbing, couldn’t find it to start with and were about ready to head back to the car when we ran into a great family of people who had a book. Together we were able to find the bolts we needed and did some great climbing! Got done with that at 3, headed back to camp, had lunch and then just lounged around for the evening.

I think that everyone had a great time this trip and it was an interesting group! We had Will K, Steve W, Morgan M, JoEric M, Sirin T, Kathe N, and Bill D.

Infact, this was my first time meeting Morgan, minus a small dinner a couple nights before. And holy jesus! This guy is awesome! I think I have a crush!

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