Shoulder Hurt…

Sooooo. It’s been a long weekend and start of the week. Friday I got off work and went home. I was supposed to go mini-golf with Daniel, but the place we were going to go was closed and it was cold/rainy. He met me at my house and we chatted, ate dinner and then drank some wine. It was a good night. Had a little discussion about how he’s not ready for anything serious and what not. He left that night and I was a little pissy with him. I wasn’t expecting to hear from him again.

Saturday I got up early and went out and did a bunch of stuff, lots of chores and what not. Nothing exciting. I had to make something to take to the play that evening and couldn’t think of anything. Went to Trader joes to hopefully find something but ended up just spending a ton of money on food for myself. Got home and Sirin called and found out that someone that was coming was vegan. So I opened up my vegas recipie book and picked something out. Decided on a Leek and Asparagus Quiche.

Met up with Marshal and then headed to the play that evening. It was ALL the way up in Northridge and Sirin insisted on driving her car which was VERY annoying. And then she made ME drive it! Why not just drive MY car then! Ugh. Anyways, got there and it was totally random play at some church. It ended up being alright but nothing fantasitk (The play was “The Fantasticks”). lol. Anyways.

So Sunday I get up and meet up with Jerry. It was just he and I to start with and we weren’t sure how many people were coming. Thankfully Claudia, Jenn and some other girl showed up so that was good! I left there at 1 and met up with the realtor. Looked at some nice places, some REALLY nice places and some shitty places. So we’ll see. I’m just so hard to make decisions like that. I don’t realy want to LEAVE south Redondo, but at the same time, it’s time to get out of there… Ugh! I need someone to come along with me to help decide!

This week has been annoying, though not much going on. Monday I heard from Daniel again and he wanted to go to The Proposal that night. So we did that and he was all touchy feely at the movie theater. Crazy boys. Make up your minds about what u want!

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