Prague and Vienna… Here we come!

We are leaving for Prague and Vienna sooon! I can’t wait. You have no idea how excited I am.

Let’s see.

Passport… Check
Money… Check
Heavy winter clothes… Check
Camera… Check
Tickets… Check
Everything else… Check!

We’re ready to go!

Be sure to follow along with our Itinerary here!!

It’s almost like you’ll be there too!

As I said before, I’m going to be geotagging all our photos, but that probably won’t be done till we get back in the states. I’ll try and keep updates here daily, but in case we don’t have internet access I will just post them all once we are back.

And let’s hope the Riots in Prague are over with by the time we get there! Why are there always riots in the cities I want to visit!

We’re out!

5 thoughts on “Prague and Vienna… Here we come!”

  1. You and nick still wanna have lunch!? I haven’t been hearing from either of you lately! Just got to Vienna, we will have to do lunch on the 27th or something.

  2. Oscar, yeah wish I had all those things, but the 4gig camera card should be big enough! the only issue we’ve had so far is that the card reader didn’t work so had to go buy a new one.

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