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Every morning I tune into Star 98.7 here in LA to listen to the hilarious and sometimes controversial morning show of Jamie, Jack and Stench. They make my morning commute barrable. They laugh, they are serious, they tell great stories, and they play some great music. Last summer, Star suddenly did away with them . I think I blogged about it then. After a few weeks and TONS of people calling and complaining they brought them back. Well it sure was short lived. Because they are off the air again! What is wrong with Star and Clear Channel when they can’t listen to the community they serve and keep a great radio show on the air! I mean for gods sake, the host Ryan Seacrest on KissFM 102.7. UGH!

The sad thing is that most of the stations here in LA that I listen to are owned by Clear Channel… This morning as I was on my way to work at 4:10am, I was flipping through the stations and THREE of the six sations I have programmed into my car were all playing the same fucking SONG! All of them Clear Channel Stations! So I am officially switching over to JackFM 93.1. I encourage anyone else in LA to stop listening to Clear Channel Stations.

In other news… I have a date lined up for each of the next 4 days! Ok, so I’m not getting a very good start on my new years resolution. But I gotta get out there and do this, and get a move on.

After mulling things over I called my Agent yesterday afternoon and thankfully he hadn’t put the offer in yet. I asked him to lower it a little bit more, and then submit it. I really like the building, but with that woman being in such a long lease, I don’t want to be just breaking even the first three years. I want to have a little bit of income incase something horrible goes wrong! I’m still hoping that they accept, but in case they don’t I had him send me a few other places to look at as well.

Went to Best Buy last night. I’m sure I’ve bloged about it before but we got a gift certificate. I looked online and found the things I want to buy, go to the store. They only had ONE of the things on my list. The list Includes:

HoneyWell HFD-130


– UPS (Which is what they had in Stock)

Osterizer 4126

The Da Vinci Code (Which they had in stock for $10 more then it was listed for on the website!)

Airport Express

Strangers With Candy (The series OR The Movie)

Chicken Run

The Dick Van Dyke Show (Seasons 4,5)

Obviously I wasn’t going to get the WHOLE list, but just some of the items off the list. I’ve really been debating lately about getting a Wii or PSP. But I’m just not sure how much of a novelty it would be for me. You know I’m not much of a gamer, but it just seems like so much fun!

Now, how come when I Google for a specific product, the first result isn’t the manufacturer’s website? IE. If I Google for “Osterizer 4126”. I think the first result should be from I don’t want to have to go through all the results of places selling the damn things. That’s what Froogle is for!

Holy SHIT! I just checked my cell phone bill.. $121! I used 775 text messages last month! Oh my Jesus! So then, no more txts this month! I knew I was going over my plan last month. But I had NO IDEA by how much!


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The official reason was that ratings were down and that they are going in a “new direction”. I’ve heard they have a new talk show on in the mornings though. So I’m not sure how this is going “in a new direction”

Don’t know if you have heard but Jack and Stench and Boarder Boy (Jamie’s other half) have started a podcast at They are even funnier now because they don’t have Clear Channel censoring them anymore! Jamie will be joining the podcast as soon as her contract with Clear Channel is up.

Hi there! Thanks. I had heard about that quite some time ago, but I have not yet listened to any of the podcasts as I don’t really like having to pay to hear people banter. I can do that at my office all day long. 🙂

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