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Mayko’s a Slut/Whore!

8:28:25 AM squirrelyian: oh hey i see u know michael from brazil also

8:28:30 AM squirrelyian: nice kid

8:28:37 AM blackc2004: yeah. he dumped me last night

8:28:43 AM blackc2004: we’ve been sorta dating for the last month

8:28:44 AM squirrelyian: you were dating?

8:28:47 AM squirrelyian: ah ok

8:28:53 AM squirrelyian: heh

8:28:57 AM blackc2004: hence the reason i was busy

8:29:00 AM squirrelyian: i see

8:29:06 AM blackc2004: do you know him IRL?

8:29:08 AM squirrelyian: i hooked with him once too

8:29:10 AM squirrelyian: yeah

8:29:12 AM blackc2004: hooked?

8:29:17 AM squirrelyian: screwed

8:29:20 AM blackc2004: oh really

8:29:24 AM blackc2004: we never fucked

8:29:26 AM squirrelyian: yeah

8:29:28 AM squirrelyian: oh wow

8:29:35 AM blackc2004: how was he

8:29:42 AM squirrelyian: he was really fucking good

8:29:47 AM blackc2004: lol, top or bottom?

8:29:50 AM squirrelyian: uber bottom who comes w/out touching

8:29:53 AM blackc2004: lol

8:29:59 AM blackc2004: he always wanted to top me

8:30:03 AM blackc2004: but i never let him

8:30:07 AM squirrelyian: he was turned on by my 5 words of portugese

8:30:08 AM squirrelyian: hahaha

8:30:12 AM blackc2004: lol. i see

8:30:13 AM squirrelyian: it’s too little!

8:30:16 AM blackc2004: i know

8:30:17 AM blackc2004: haha

8:30:23 AM blackc2004: he’s adorable and so nice though

8:30:32 AM blackc2004: but whatever, he dumped me.. probably because i wasn’t fucking him

8:30:42 AM blackc2004: he’ll never find anyone better then me.

8:30:51 AM squirrelyian: he came over at literally at 4 in the morning that time and then i had to leave for an airplane

8:30:55 AM squirrelyian: aww

8:31:08 AM blackc2004: god.. i wonder how much of slut he is?

8:31:19 AM squirrelyian: probably huge

8:31:26 AM blackc2004: lol

8:31:30 AM squirrelyian: he rode me like i was the answer to everything and we had just met

8:31:34 AM blackc2004: LOL

8:31:35 AM blackc2004: oh god

8:31:45 AM squirrelyian: i mean BOTTOM

8:31:48 AM squirrelyian: no way can he be vers

8:31:55 AM blackc2004: yeah. that’s what I thought

8:31:58 AM blackc2004: but i never found out. so whatever

8:32:18 AM squirrelyian: sorry i have to run…bus coming

8:32:24 AM blackc2004: cool. see ya

8:32:24 AM squirrelyian: but we’ll chat on phone soon

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11:51:35 AM Guy: omg hahah

11:51:45 AM Guy: he tried to get me to come see him

11:51:53 AM Chris Black: when?

11:51:54 AM Guy: i just don’t wanna play with that box of matches

11:52:02 AM Guy: oh like 2 wks ago

11:52:10 AM Chris Black: like RIGHT after he told me he didn’t want a relationship

11:52:35 AM Chris Black: he denies every hooking up with anyone off a4a

11:52:37 AM Guy: he’s a horny lil slut

11:52:41 AM Guy: oh bullshit!

11:52:45 AM Chris Black: oh?

11:53:00 AM Guy: in fact, he was one of the people that I was amazed at how quickly it went straight to fucking

11:53:06 AM Chris Black: lol

11:53:14 AM Guy: i normally just make out and mess around with hands the first few times

11:58:34 AM Guy: i’ll tell u straight….he came over in the middle of the night, we chatted a bit, i spoke 4 words of portuguese, and he then crawled all over me.

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