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Give me the OPTION!

OMG. I HATE web programmers.

I admit. I don’t follow the hacks to make things work in IE for most of my own websites. But I at least offer the person the option to continue! I don’t LOCK THEM OUT. Today I was trying to use the TRowePrice website and was handed an error that said I was using an outdated browser and should “Upgrade” to Netscape. I am sorry. But I am using the latest version of Camino.. I REALLY don’t think that Netscape is an “Upgrade” to Camino!

So I called the HD line that they gave and bitched the guy out. Make your fucking websites at least USEABLE I don’t want to download another browser just to fucking use your site.

After I was done with the HD guy. I called the Customer Service and started the process to close out my TRowePrice accounts. Assholes.

Ever wonder what 200 Calories looked like? Check it out here. Very Interesting.

Last night after the chat with Chiba I was feeling pretty shitty. So I went out with Hector to Here. It was fun, I had a drink and took my mind off the Mayko and that issue and focused on having a good time and watching the hotties there at Here! He was even so nice as to come pick me up and drive me home! 🙂

Chiba called me while we were on the way and I told him I was out, he asked that I call him today to talk more. Not really sure what he’d want to talk about. He made his point perfectly clear. I liked him more then he liked me. So that’s that. He asked if we could be friends. I said probably not. At least not right now. We’d probably have to go through the whole not talking thing for a couple months for my feelings to go away before we could be friends again.

I’m VERY anxious to hear back about our offer.. Our agent is having surgery today… So we probably won’t hear anything till next week would be my guess. But I just wanna know if we get it or not! The offer was 10k less then asking, so I’m not sure it’ll go through. But the furnace replacement costs are going to be $5k in the next year or so.. So paying the asking price would not be profitable. Even at what we offered we’ll just be breaking even the first couple years.

I have a really interesting contract job going right now. But I’m finding it hard to get the motiviation up to do it. I really need to just concentrate and do the paper design of the stuff and just get it cranked out. I’ve been making slow progress, but so far it’s all just been a jumbled mess of thoughts and ideas. Nothing concrete. I have to find some creative inspiration!


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